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Hiker Bible is the hub for global citizens. This is the place to find the latest gear, tech and travel destinations for the intrepid explorer. We don’t want this to be just another review site for stuff and places, we want this to be a resource for people all over the world to be inspired to get outdoors and travel. You inspire us. Let us inspire you.

From hiking in Honduras, to visiting Machu Pichu, to living (and drinking) through Hurricane Katrina in the Big Easy, Hiker Bible has first hand accounts of people and places all over the world. Our contributors come from diverse and interesting backgrounds, sharing their unique perspectives on how they view the world around them.

Hiker Bible is dedicated to sharing those stories with you. There may be some that inspire you (we hope), there may be some that horrify you, and there may be some that make you cry. We, as global citizens, understand that we share more in common with one another than sometimes we are led to believe. It is our goal at Hiker Bible to bridge those gaps and bring understanding and empathy to each and every individual on the planet. Lofty. Yeah, we know.

Let’s hear about your experiences – be they good or bad, happy or sad – like Al Green. Share your journey with Hiker Bible and let this be the place you share with your friends and family when they ask, “what have you been up to these days?”

Listen to a podcast with David Jacobson, founder of Hiker Bible, on how this project came to be.

Hiker Bible is constantly looking for submissions from people like you. We want to hear about your wildest experience, or just that time you spent walking down the street in your home town. Tell us about where you live or where you’ve traveled and we’ll make it available to other global citizens who are interested in the world around them.

Share your story and you may inspire someone to visit. Who knows, maybe you’ll become travel buddies and explore the world together! We’re not interested in creating a site where people rate the quality of the sheets at a hotel – we want the real stories that bring your adventure to life!

When we say, “You inspire us. Let us inspire you,” we mean it. Our little family was inspired to move to the United Arab Emirates. As we have settled into our new lives, we are looking forward to the memories we’ll make, as well as the new people we’ll meet. Each connection brings us closer to our global family, reminding us all that we have more in common than we imagine. Join our adventure!