For those that don’t know: The bidet is a clear indicator of the positive progression of our species. Found around the world (except in the U.S.), these devices are the most sanitary and eco-friendly way of cleaning one’s tush. I acknowledge that some who have not used bidets may feel that they are somehow dirty instruments, or that they represent something that somehow feels a little uncomfortable.

Although theories exist as to why United Statesians don’t use bidets, there is really no reason not to anymore. There are plenty of sanitary, healthwise, eco-friendly, and otherwise good reasons to use a bidet. For those that are ready to take that next evolutionary step in the loo, here are some good videos to watch as primers on bidet usage. And, as always, one should invest the trivial amount they cost nowadays to install one in the home.

Do yourselves a favor and try a bidet. One that I bought on Amazon was only around twenty-five dollars and installed in about five minutes. So, in essence, five minutes of my time changed the course of my life for good.

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