When you go to visit one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World you know you are in for a delightful experience. Victoria Falls was an absolutely wonderful exploration and awe-inspiring sight. The adventure was enjoyable, the view breathtaking and the sounds unmatchable.

I will provide a little background to help you understand the perspective from which I write. This trip was made as a family vacation with my wife, myself and our two children ages 10 and 5. We also took the trip with another family of 5. We flew into Lusaka, Zambia as opposed to flying directly into Livingstone or Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe. Finally, the trip was made in April, which is right on the heels of rainy season.

The journey from Lusaka to Livingstone was about an 8-hour drive. The roads were surprisingly good between Lusaka and Livingstone. We chose to rent a van with a driver through a local rental company. The other option was to take one of two bus companies that run daily routes to Lusaka. While the bus would have been the cheaper option, having seen the buses fly past our van on the two-lane roads made us glad we went with the van option. But if you are seeking adventure in the way of a bus ride, then go for it!

The choices of places to stay in Livingstone were abundant and most all of them appeared to be of good quality. You don’t have to spend a fortune on lodging while there, just go with a middle of the road priced lodge and you will be happy. Plus you will find them very helpful in booking outings for you.

We made the short drive journey to Victoria Falls from Livingstone. From a distance the mist from the Falls can be seen billowing up into the sky. The “smoke signals” from the Falls tells you to expect a rare treat. We chose to go to the Falls without a guide; everything was well marked and affirmed that we did not need a guide to help us navigate the Falls.

It was enjoyable to see the history of the place. The town of Livingstone is named after Dr. David Livingstone, as in “Dr. Livingstone, I presume.” David Livingstone is a man I have greatly admired and whose life I have enjoyed studying. So it was an added treat to walk where he walked and see monuments representing the history he was part of making.

Because we were visiting in April it was high water season at the Falls. The downside of going at high water time is it limits some activities you can do at the Falls. I regret that we could not visit Livingstone Island or take a dive into Devil’s Pool. The upside of going at high water time is the blasts the Falls are for those with children. The spray from the Falls is amazing and will have you drenched in no time. This was a blast for our kids. It is nature’s waterpark. There is a place at the Falls that rents raincoats; definitely worth the $3 you will pay for the covering.

It is amazing how close you are able to get to the Falls. Taking a trek across the bridge at Knife’s Edge makes it feel as though you could reach out and touch the Falls. The roar of Victoria Falls will leave no doubt in your mind the greatness of the Falls. After walking across Knife’s Edge there are many paths for you to explore. They take you to different edges providing various perspectives of the Falls and the many gorges running throughout the area.

After seeing the Falls and experiencing the spray it was a pleasure to go to the top of the Falls. It is astonishing how close to the edge of the Falls you can get. Dipping your feet in the water just 100 yards from where the water is cascading over the Falls is a an indulgence worth experiencing with your trip to the Falls. Of course, this will pale in comparison to the Devil’s Pool if your trip allows you take a swim there.

In addition to the exploration of Victoria Falls, there are many other adventures to explore. Our family enjoyed a safari where we saw wildebeest, hippos, giraffes, and cape buffalos. We also ziplined across one of the gorges at the Falls; a thrilling adventure hanging 96 meters above the bottom of the gorge. They also offered gorge swing and bungee jumping. For water adventurers they have white water rafting and river safaris.

Visiting Victoria Falls leaves no question that you have seen one of the Natural Wonders of the World. The beauty of the creation and the many areas to explore takes you back to the times of David Livingstone as you anticipate what lies around each turn. A great adventure on your own or with your family.





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  • Jeremy and his family are living an extraordinary life in West Africa. From our humble friendship in Springfield, Missouri, to his adventures throughout the world, I’m pleased to call him a friend!

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