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Fire Maple Chopsticks Folding Red Sandalwood Wooden Chopsticks Outdoor Camping Cutlery For Camp Picnic Hiking Tableware.

Brand: Fire Maple
Model: FMT-807
Name: Red Sandalwood Folding Chopsticks
Net Weight:40g
Material: Red sandalwood, Copper

Product Description:
1.The red sandalwood is better for chopsticks, pure manual polishing, no paint, no wax, natural materials.
2.Smooth texture, fashion design, elegant appearance.


  1. David

    HIKER BIBLE QUICK REVIEW: The Fire Maple wooden chopsticks are an essential part of any travel kit. If you can get used to using chopsticks, they can be used for any meal at any time. I take them with me through South America, Asia, Africa, the Middle East, and Europe – and they ALWAYS come in handy. Weighing in at almost nothing, they are easily stashed and then brought out when the need arises. These are bacteria-resistant and clean up in a jiffy, even if you’re just going to wipe them on your shirt. They come apart and disappear into their little carrying pouch – allowing you to strap them to a piece of your backpack or simply put them in your shirt pocket.

  2. David Jacobson

    Still using these after 5 years and they are still my go-to utensils when I travel. They are very nice to look at and I get compliments and questions wherever I go.

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