Convenient Storage & Backup: Transfer files between SD cards, USB drives, hard disks, and your phone, tablet, or computer to free up valuable memory space.

Portable Wireless Travel Router: Instantly converts a wired network to wireless with dual band antennas for better connectivity; bridge mode connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and broadcasts it as a new wireless signal.

Sharing & Streaming Media: FileHub Plus app allows for seamless sharing and streaming of videos, photos, and music between your connected smartphones, tablets, TVs, media players, Chromecast, Roku, and other DLNA devices.

SD Card USB Reader: Wirelessly access USB flash drives, hard disks, and SDHC / SDXC cards with your phone, tablet, or computer via the companion app.

Upgraded Chip & External Battery Pack: New MTK7620N core built-in chip provides a smoother experience; doubles as a 6000mAh 5V/1A potable charger.


RAVPower FileHub Plus with Wireless Travel Router, SD Card USB Reader & 6000mAh Portable Charger Functionalities
Product Specification:

Model: RP-WD03
Capacity: 6000mAh
Weight: 5.4 oz

Wireless Media Sharing: Wirelessly stream videos, share photos, or trade files with a secure local Wi-Fi network.

Portable Router: Easily convert a wired network into a wireless one. Supports PPPoE, static, and dynamic IP.

Power Bank: Extend the battery life of your smartphone or tablet with a 6000 mAh external battery charger.

AP Mode (Wired -> Wireless): Plug in an Ethernet cable and it will take a wired signal and turn it wireless.

Router Mode: When connected to a DSL or cable modem, it works as a regular router.

Bridge Mode: Connects to an existing Wi-Fi network and broadcast it as a new wireless signal.


  1. David

    HIKER BIBLE QUICK REVIEW: This is the new “must-have” item for traveling. The fact that I can load a dozen movies onto an SD Card and play movies for my son during long road trips or flights overseas is a godsend. Simply long press the button to engage the Ravpower Filehub Plus and you’re good to go. I have also kept valuable information on it for ease of use on the road. This is the perfect gift for any techie looking to expand their repertoire of connectivity on the road. The fact that it is tiny in size is also a huge bonus. You cannot go wrong in including this little item in your backpack.

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