Elastic line stretches to fit virtually all tubs
Braided elastic eliminates need for clothes pin, simply hang clothes between cords
Secures to wall or tile with extra large suction cups


The Travel Clothes Line makes it easy to rinse out a bathing suit after a swim or other items as needed with a simple drip-dry system. Easy to pack.


  1. David

    HIKER BIBLE QUICK REVIEW: So, I bought this after traveling through Nicaragua and finding myself in places where hanging my dirty clothes was inconvenient, at best. I bought it skeptically, knowing that at such a cheap price point I might be disappointed. I was not. This little guy has become a necessity whenever I travel – a prime example of, “you didn’t know you needed it until now,” kind of situation. Now that I’m in the UAE, I use it at home all the time, stretching it across my balcony and suctioning it to the door frame. The suction is strong enough to hold a wet comforter or three soaked towels from the beach. I can hang any item without pins, and it handles everything I’ve thrown at it. This is one item that should/will become an indispensable part of anyone’s bugout bag or minimalist travel pack.

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