Gear up and stay charged wherever you are with the TYLT set of 2X Power Banks and their convenient charging dock. Work, chat, listen, and watch more when your devices are fully charged.

Get back to full power fast with the TYLT 2X Power Banks. With a USB port, each bank has the capacity to fully charge your device up to two times: that’s enough power to get you, your phone, and your tablet through the day no problem. Never miss a call again.

Keep your family’s devices powered up and stay connected with these two charging power banks. Both banks can easily be kept in the home charging dock, ready when you need to grab one on the go. Plus the dock allows you to streamline and organize battery charging by eliminating cables with the wireless charging dock.

There’s nothing worse than running out of power when you’re miles from your destination, halfway through the latest chapter of an audio book, or mid air guitar to a song. The TYLT 2X Power Banks are perfect for travel and reviving your phone in these kind of desperate situation. Juice up your devices wherever you are so you never find yourself stranded without power again.

For faster re-charging and better cable management, the TYLT 2X Power Banks come with a convenient charging dock that can charge both power banks simultaneously with 2.1 Amps of wireless fast charging. Make multiple, messy cords a thing of the past with the wireless dock’s one-cable wall plug-in.

We offer a one year warranty that covers any performance issues or damages to the device so you don’t have to worry about your favorite gadget. We want you to use your power bank charger for years to come.

– TYLT 2X Power Banks with Charging Dock
– 5200mAh Capacity Per Power Bank
– 2.1A Wireless Dock Re-charging

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The TYLT 2x + Dock combo provides two 5200mAh battery packs and a dock to charge them both simultaneously. The battery packs can fully charge your device up to 2x while the dock provides a home for your batteries so you always know where they are and that they are fully charged.


  1. David

    HIKER BIBLE QUICK REVIEW: We recently went up into the mountains surrounding Flagstaff, Arizona to do some multi-day camping and brought along a pair of fully charged TYLT power banks. These little gadgets were able to keep the phones charged, as well as our bluetooth speakers when we wanted to enjoy some spanish guitar around the fire with a little premium whiskey. Coupled with a solar charger, these little bad boys lasted the full four days and kept us charged the whole time. We would use the solar charger during the day and then the TYLT chargers when the sun went down. These would be perfect for car camping, weekend backpacking trips, and traveling around the world where a flight delay can leave you stranded in some strange places without plugs. All in all, they will keep your electronics charged wherever you are – turning an inconvenience into an adventure.

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